Privacy statement

Privacy Statement

This document informs you on the Privacy Statement (the “Statement”) set up by Dialog Insight (“DIALOG INSIGHT” or “us”), as owner and operator of the applications to ensure the preservation of the privacy of your personal or confidential information.

What we mean by “Personal Information”?

“Personal information” is information concerning a physical person that allows identification of such person. For example, your name, residential address, personal phone number and e-mail address, date of birth or access information to applications.

This Statement applies to DIALOG INSIGHT’s conduct in regards to personal information of individuals and, based on circumstances, in regards to confidential or sensitive information of enterprises (collectively called the “Information”) that subscribed to Dialog Insight and also to clients’ conduct in regards the use of Dialog Insight.


DIALOG INSIGHT determines the purposes for which it collects personal information before or at the time thereof, unless such purposes are obvious. It is possible that DIALOG INSIGHT may collect and use information from a third party if permitted by law and with the consent of the individual in all other cases.

We collect Information upon your registration as client. More particularly, we collect your name, e-mail address, mailing address and phone and fax numbers. In order to complete your registration, we provide you with a user name (that may or not reveal your identity, at your choice) and an access code. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your access code. Once registered, you may modify your access code through the feature provided to this end.

We also collect through the forms on our website the information you have chosen to give us such as your name, last name and email address. The information collected enables us to respond to your request (eg request for information form) or to give you access to privileged resources (ex: webinars). Also, the information collected allows us to establish your customer profile, visitor or other and better meet your needs. The information collected through our web forms is only used by Dialog Insight.

To improve your Internet browsing experience, most websites use small data files called cookies that are saved on your computer.

Dialog Insight uses browser memory functions to recognize visitors’ paths on the site and prioritize the method available with the advent of HTML5, the use of local Web storage. However, when HTML5 cannot be used, we use a cookie approach.

Dialog Insight uses two types of cookies: persistent cookies, which allow the visitor to be recognized from one session to another, and session cookies that expire when the browser is closed.

These cookies allow us to compile visitor and preference statistics, measure visitor usage, better understand your usage, evaluate whether our site meets your needs and offer you products or services that may be of interest to you. We also collect the information that you enter in the forms of the site in order to offer you a better experience the next time you fill out a form of the site again.

Some of the cookies used are from third parties and are installed by servers outside the domain of the site. We used to improve our website experience and to acquire information on the site usage. Please note that these cookies do not retrieve data from your hard drive or any other personal information, and on no occasion, this information is communicated to external organizations.

You may refuse cookies, request permission before accepting cookies, or accept cookies at any time by changing the settings of your browser. You will find information on how to enable or disable cookies via the help screen of your browser. You can also refer to for more information. Please note that if cookies are turned off, some functionalities of the site may not work as expected.

By continuing to use this website, you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the Dialog Insight cookie policy.


DIALOG INSIGHT will not sell, give or exchange your Information to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent. In addition, DIALOG INSIGHT and its clients undertake not to rent, sell or share Information of clients or recipients to third parties without the consent of registered clients or recipients except in exceptional circumstances as specifically described herein.

a. Service Management

At a general level, we use your Information in the execution of the Dialog Insight Service, for billing purposes and, in specific cases, to resolve technical problems.

b. Legal Obligation

DIALOG INSIGHT may have to disclose your Information to competent persons or authorities should it be needed to conform to any legal obligation or comply with an injunction order, to protect and defend its rights or to assure compliance with the Terms of Use of its services.


DIALOG INSIGHT conforms namely to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act together with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector of Quebec or any other law in force in relation with the use of our services. DIALOG INSIGHT uses various measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your Information. These measures are aimed at preventing the loss or theft of your Information, as well as its unauthorized reproduction, modification, use, consultation and disclosure.

Our Site and applications are secured through the use of technology recognized in the industry. Access to your Information is provided to authorized personnel only, and this, solely for the purposes mentioned in this Statement or dictated by the service offered. Agreements are also signed between DIALOG INSIGHT and its employees so that your Information is used in conformity with the present Statement and with any applicable law, rule or regulation.


In the event that we intend to use or disclose your Information for purposes other than those specifically described in this Statement, we undertake to obtain your consent.

Depending on the nature of the information, your consent may be provided verbally, by means of a form or correspondence or, in certain circumstances, implicitly when your consent may be clearly inferred from your conduct.


DIALOG INSIGHT retains personal information as long as reasonably necessary for the identified purposes or as required by law.

Third-party cookies are kept on your browser usually between 30 to 90 days, possibly longer in some cases (eg Google Analytics cookies).


We wish to ensure that the Information kept in our cients’ files is accurate, complete and up to date. It is therefore important to inform us of any relevant changes in your personal Information or your business contact information. You may communicate with us by e-mail at, or by phone at 1 866 529-6214 in order to correct or validate information submitted upon your registration. You are also authorized to consult your file in order to verify accuracy of your Information by any of the means offered to you for such purpose.

Recipients of e-mail transmission lists are invited to communicate directly with the client to correct or validate personal information related to their subscription to marketing e-mail messages.


This Statement may be updated from time to time. DIALOG INSIGHT reserves the right to modify this Statement at its discretion, by adding or subtracting certain terms and conditions.


If you have any questions with respect to this Statement, its last updates or our practices in relation to the collection, use, maintenance or disclosure of your personal Information, or for filing a complaint or report an abuse by a third party, do not hesitate to communicate with us by email at or by phone at 1 866 529-6214 or at the following mailing address:

4535 Wilfrid-Hamel Blvd., Suite 210
Quebec (Quebec)
Canada G1P 2J7


Vous êtes nouveau sur Dialog Insight ?

Cette formation vous apprendra les notions de base afin de pouvoir lancer vos premières campagnes et être efficace rapidement.

Contenu de la formation DÉBUTANT
Débuter avec Dialog Insight Éditer des courriels
Optimiser la livraison de courriels          Segmenter et cibler des contacts (1 de 2)
Gérer les données clients Analyser les résultats d'une campagne
Préparer une campagne  

Durée : 2,5h
Lieu : en ligne ou en entreprise

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Vous êtes responsable des campagnes ?

Ce parcours marketing vous aide à peaufiner vos envois et à optimiser vos résultats.

Contenu de la formation CAMPAGNES
Optimiser la livraison de courriels Personnaliser les contenus
Préparer une campagne Utiliser le marketing social
Gérer une librairie d’images Utiliser les tests A/X
Éditer des courriels Inspecter le rendu et les variantes du message
Envoyer des SMS et notifications mobiles      Analyser les résultats d'une campagne
Segmenter et cibler des contacts (1 de 2)  

Durée : 2,5h
Lieu : en ligne ou en entreprise

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1 à 1

Les stratégies de personnalisation vous attirent ?

Découvrez les étapes de mise en place d’un marketing personnalisé et ciblé ainsi que son utilisation en temps réel.

Contenu de la formation 1-à-1
Créer une libraire de contenus Personnaliser selon le cycle d’achat
Développer des campagnes automatisées Segmenter et cibler des contacts (1 de 2)
Créer des scénarios déclenchés par des actions en temps réel (triggers) Segmenter et cibler des contacts (2 de 2)
Personnaliser les contenus Inspecter le rendu et les variantes d'un message
Dynamiser le contenu (ex : recommandations de produits)  

Durée : 2,5h
Lieu : en ligne ou en entreprise

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Vous cherchez à comprendre vos résultats ?

Apprenez à analyser vos résultats, à connaître vos clients et à utiliser l’intelligence d’affaires pour offrir des contenus pertinents.

Contenu de la formation ANALYTIQUE
Identifier les meilleures sources d'acquisition Évaluer le rendement
Suivre les visiteurs sur un site web Sonder la clientèle
Explorer le cycle et les intérêts de la clientèle Utiliser les tests A/X
Définir des règles de scoring et des personas Analyser les résultats d’une campagne

Durée : 2,5h
Lieu : en ligne ou en entreprise

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Vous avez une boutique en ligne ?

Ce parcours vous aide à offrir une expérience client enrichissante à vos acheteurs et à augmenter vos revenus de ventes.

Contenu de la formation E-COMMERCE
Combiner marketing et E-Commerce Évaluer le rendement
Développer des campagnes automatisées Ajouter des données au profil du client
Personnaliser selon le cycle d’achat Créer une librairie de contenus
Dynamiser le contenu (ex. : recommandations de produits)  

Durée : 2,5h
Lieu : en ligne ou en entreprise

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Génération de prospects

La génération de prospects qualifiés est un défi pour vous ?

Utilisez des stratégies web performantes pour acquérir de nouveaux prospects et augmenter vos taux de conversion.

Contenu de la formation GÉNÉRATION DE PROSPECTS
Développer des pages de destination Créer des processus d’affaires intelligents
Faire l’acquisition et la mise à jour de contacts Sonder la clientèle
Ajouter des options interactives aux formulaires Identifier les meilleures sources d’acquisition

Durée : 2,5h
Lieu : en ligne ou en entreprise

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Vous êtes responsable de l’implantation ?

Ce parcours vous apprendra à configurer la plateforme, à gérer les utilisateurs et à synchroniser vos données.

Contenu de la formation ADMIN
Débuter avec Dialog Insight Personnaliser l’expérience utilisateur
Configurer Courriel, SMS et notifications mobiles Gérer les données clients
Développer un marketing distribué Optimiser la livraison de courriels
Définir les règles de sécurité et d’accès Ajouter des données au profil du client
Synchroniser les systèmes  

Durée : 2,5h
Lieu : en ligne ou en entreprise

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You are a new Dialog Insight user?

This training course will show you all the basics to get you going quickly and send your first campaigns.

BEGINNER – Training outline
Get started with Dialog Insight Edit emails
Optimize email delivery Segment and target contacts (1 of 2)
Manage client data Analyze campaign results
Prepare a campaign  

Duration: 2.5h
Location: Online or onsite

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You are in charge of campaigns?

This training course will help you polish your messages and optimize your results.

CAMPAIGNS – Training outline
Optimize email delivery Personalize content
Prepare a campaign Take advantage of social marketing
Manage an image library Use A/X testing
Edit emails Validate message previews and variants
Send SMS and push notifications Analyze campaign results
Segment and target contacts (1 of 2)  

Duration: 2.5h
Location : Online or onsite

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1 to 1

You want to know all there is about personalization?

Discover how to implement a personalized and targeted marketing campaign, and how to use it real-time.

1 TO 1 – Training outline
Create a content library Personalize content based on buying cycle
Develop automated campaigns Segment and target contacts (1 of 2)
Trigger scenarios based on actions Segment and target contacts (2 of 2)
Personalize content Validate message previews and variants
Add dynamic content (such as product recommendations)  

Duration: 2.5h
Location : Online or onsite

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You are looking for answers in your results?

Learn how to properly analyze your results and better understand your clients in order to offer more appropriate content.

ANALYTICS – Training outline
Find the best acquisition sources Estimate ROI
Track website visitors Get client feedback
Explore client cycles and interests Use A/X testing
Define personas and scoring rules Analyze campaign results

Duration: 2.5h
Location : Online or onsite

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You have an online store?

This training course will help you offer buyers the best possible client experience, as well as increase your sales revenue.

E-COMMERCE – Training outline
Combine marketing and E-Commerce Estimate ROI
Develop automated campaigns Add data to client profiles
Personalize content based on buying cycle Create a content library
Add dynamic content (such as product recommendations)  

Duration: 2.5h
Location: Online or onsite

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Lead Gen

Generating qualified leads is your everyday challenge?

Use efficient web strategies to acquire new leads and increase your conversion rate.

LEAD GENERATION – Training outline
Develop landing pages Create intelligent business workflows
Acquire and update contacts Get client feedback
Add interactive options to forms Find the best acquisition sources

Duration: 2.5h
Location: Online or onsite

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You are responsible for implementation?

This training course will teach you how to configure the platform, manage users and synchronize data.

ADMIN – Training outline
Get started with Dialog Insight Personalize user experience
Configure emails, SMS and push notifications Manage client data
Develop distributed marketing Optimize email delivery
Define access and security rules Add data to client profiles
Synchronize systems  

Duration: 2.5h
Location: Online or onsite

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